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We Are All Sisters

We Are All Sisters
Four diverse groups of women join private Facebook groups and discover the healing power of friendship and social networking.

The healing power of social networking is revealed through the eyes of four diverse groups of women, whose online sisterhoods have resulted in dramatic life changing experiences.

Rock Road Films is pleased to have From The Heart Productions act as the fiscal sponsor for this narrative feature-length documentary, which was originally entitled, ?Operation Hello Kitty.? The focus of the film has been broadened to include several stories of faith, hope and perseverance, rather than concentrate on any one group or individual.

The story is written through the eyes of Rock Road Film?s own Mel Hagopian, a member of one of the groups of women highlighted in the film. The film is directed by Rock Road?s Bobby Francavillo. Both are also producing the film. An executive producer has yet to be named, but the search is underway to find the right compliment to both Francavillo and Hagopian?s vision in making this important documentary.

We Are All Sisters will examine how teams of women connect on Facebook and work together in the virtual world of social networking, on everything from adjusting to new motherhood, depression, addiction and recovery, domestic violence, personal illness, divorce, and grief. The connectivity of women and feministic ideals cross boundaries of race, creed, location, sexual orientation, and age. We intend to also bring in experts to discuss why so many women are turning to the Internet for friendship and healing, and how these sisterhoods have actually saved lives.

The bonds that form amongst unlikely women are powerful and honest. They are full of tears and laughter, tenderness and harsh reality. We intend to show the profound effect that social networking has on women?s lives, and how it is possible for people to put aside their differences and work together to help one another. Plans are in the making to unite all of the groups and allow them to meet others who have shared unique online experiences.

Can it be that social networking provides a healing experience for those that use it to show the power of love and friendship to another human being, regardless of whether or not they were ever friends? What is it about women that makes them all sisters?

We Are All Sisters is a film about faith, hope, perseverance, and the power of friendship. It is a celebration of life and the unique relationships of women everywhere.
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