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The Pale of Settlement

The Pale of Settlement
The Pale of Settlement relates a story about human empathy. It asks the viewer to put himself in the position of the individuals and think about the moral and ethical question, "Am I my brother's keeper?" By donating to our project, you can help bring this story film festivals and homes across the country.

We are getting closer every day to meeting our budgetary requirements for the film. We have already received a generous donation from ARRI CSC in the form of 35mm film equipment. Your donation would go towards paying the costs of:

-Transportation for the crew and equipment up to the shooting location in Upstate New York.
-Food and housing to keep the crew strong and healthy.
-Lighting equipment rentals and the film stock itself -Horse
transportation and the labor of the horse wrangler -Costumes
-Special Effects Supplies and Labor -Film Processing and Distribution Fees

If you would prefer to help out the production by making an in-kind donation, such as film equipment, costumes, horse trailers, air or bus tickets and other such physical products and services please send us an e-mail at paleofsettlement@gmail.com. Thank you for taking the time to learn about out project. We greatly appreciate all the support we get.

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