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The Irony
?The Irony? is a short film that explores the great political and national debates over abortion and the right to die. Unlike many films that tackle the subject, this 20 minute gem paints both perspectives of the issue with two characters whose love for each other is strained by infidelity, an unplanned pregnancy, and shattered expectations.

Abortion, the right to die; sounds like very sensitive subjects to get into; I bet your mind is racing now. Well going into this project that was exactly what we were looking for. To move people, to make people talk; and of course having a controversial topic as our subject matter, We realize that we will have responses from both sides of the spectrum, negative and positive. We understand, and we are ready for that.

We have a very intense script that has the potential to be made into a pretty significant film; the very story that we have been very passionate about putting on paper, we are now seeking to get it on the screen.

Vaguely inspired by Cormac McCarthy?s play ?The Sunset Limited?, ?The Irony? portrays a similar premise. It may sound simple, two people, one room; But the dialogue, what is said, how It?s said, is what brings it to a whole another level of intensity.

We plan on shooting ?The Irony? using actual film, 35mm, as opposed to going the digital route that most independent filmmakers take this day and age. We think digital is great, and there is nothing wrong with using the new Cannon 5d Mark III for example, but in order to set ourselves apart from the rest, we feel that we need to take it a step further in order to captivate and win over our audience.

We aim to make a meaningful film that, not only will we be very proud of, but that others will be drawn into emotionally as well. ?The Irony? is more than just a movie, it is an art film; a film in which every moment matters. We want this to be the kind of film that will keep you thinking about what you just saw even well after you?re done watching. The movie touches a very sensitive topic, though we are not aiming to alienate our audience, but rather have them look at both sides of the argument, as we are leaving the story open ended for audiences to decide their own opinion.
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