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The Invisible Class

The Invisible Class
An elderly person who loses their way because of the death of a spouse or a collapse of medical coverage. A young gay person who flees The South to escape persecution and harassment. Families who, despite living in a van, get their children off to school everyday. Combat war vets back from Iraq and Afghanistan who suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder so badly they can?t function in everyday society. Children who are born into a life of homelessness.

These are just some of the unique stories we don?t often hear about in the media when we talk about homelessness in America. The basic stereotypes we all possess of the homeless, whether they were accurate in the first place or not, have now completely changed. The most visual homeless we see (i.e., the people we step over as we head to work, or drop a dollar into a bucket for) make up less than one third of the entire homeless population. Yet when we think of the face of homelessness they are the people we most often imagine.
The question then, is who makes up the rest of the population? Where did homelessness come from? Why is it such a bad problem in the U.S? How can we spend billions of dollars a year and still have millions of homeless people in America? Why are so many people homeless now compared to 40 years ago? What?s working? What?s not? The documentary film ironically titled The Invisible Class answers these questions, and more. We are making the most comprehensive film on the homeless that has ever been made. And we?re doing it in a way that?s moving, eye opening, and honest. From shelters, to supportive housing, to homeless encampments, and to the streets, we venture into one of the worst problems in American history.

The Invisible Class will make the case, that whether from a moral standpoint, or a fiscal one, homelessness is a problem that can be solved, and solved at a lower cost than what we are already spending. Plain and simple. The Invisible Class is a project that is all self-funded. It is being filmed on our own free time, with almost no budget and very long hours. Despite those challenges we?ve been able to interview some great people (we?ve just come back from a trip to the East Coast where we interviewed Howard Zinn and Noam Chomsky). But in today?s economy, continuing production on the film while paying for it out of our own pockets is no longer sustainable. We simply don?t have the budget to do it anymore.
We?re asking for help from you, the people, the businesses, the caring, to support us so that we can tell this remarkable story. This is a truly independent, grass roots film. We have no studio backing and never sought it. We simply believe in telling this story. But we need support to get this film finished. Every little bit helps us to finish this magnificent documentary. Not to mention, there are also some great perks that come with being a donor (check the sponsorship pages for details).

For more information on the documentary please visit www.theinvisibleclass.com . You can watch the trailer there as well.
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