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The Hidden Battlefield

The Hidden Battlefield
This hour long documentary film tells the story of An Wei, a Communist Party official from the small village of An Shang, whose life story sheds a previously unseen light on the history of contemporary China. After a distinguished career in government, An Wei returns to his hometown village to oversee the construction of a school. Before long, An Wei finds himself trapped between the county government, the local village leaders, and the residents of the village who all have their own extremely complicated, dark and often clandestine agendas. Complicating the situation is an American NGO whose offer of money for the school construction initiates a bitter struggle for control of the funds.

Ultimately, An Wei is forced to make a choice between watching one of his life?s most important projects be ripped to shreds at the hands of those who oppose it, or finding a way to make it happen at all costs. Neither choice is easy.

The film was shot in 2009 and 2010, during my semester abroad at Xi?an Normal University. As a speaker of both Mandarin and Shaanxihua, the regional dialect, I was able to have unusually close contact with the villagers that are the principal characters of my story. Also, because most Chinese villages are closed to Westerners, and certainly to film crews, the film presents a unique anthropological portrait of contemporary Chinese village life, a traditional style of living that is likely to disappear in China very soon.

So far, the film has been financed with personal funds and contributions from my family.

Contributions will be used for production and post production expenses relating to the film, including editing, sound mix, color grading, titles, and translation, as well as distribution and screening expenses after the film is completed.

I am a graduating East Asian Studies major at Wesleyan University, and this film is my Senior Thesis Project. I graduate May, 2011. However, I intend for the film to have a life beyond graduation. Given the tremendous interest in China and Chinese affairs, I believe that it will find a place at many venues around the world, and I intend to campaign it actively on the international film festival circuit.
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