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THE GENIUS OF A PLACE is the story of a woman who falls in love with a stunning, sleepy little place in Italy, is saddened to see it suddenly thrust into the modern world and decides to discover if others also worry about her beloved spot.

That place is Cortona, an ancient town in Tuscany. The tiny town was ?put on the map? by the book, then Hollywood film, ?Under the Tuscan Sun?. Today, 400,000 tourists with cameras, credit cards and cravings for ?la dolce vita? flock each year to the town.
What emerges is a human story, one that unfolds in communities around the world. Visitors seem enchanted by the place?s beauty, young people dream of moving to more exciting spots, merchants revel in growing business, elderly people fret over unaffordable prices, locals grumble about chic stores replacing old favorites, residents start avoiding the crowded main street in tourist season and few take the time to wonder if newfound prosperity has improved the quality of life or the long-term prospects of their beloved town.

By observing the opposing forces of development and conservation at work in Cortona, we can understand a tiny piece of a global puzzle. Viewers are drawn in as local residents start pondering if they are unwittingly putting precious, non-renewable resources up for sale, including beauty and sense of community. The implicit question is what price a place is willing to pay for economic success.

This film shows concrete, seemingly ordinary examples of how people?s daily behavior shapes a place's destiny. In doing so, it aims to encourage local stewardship on the part of viewers around the world. Cortona serves as a symbol, reminding us that if we want to preserve ?the genius of a place?, we need to take care of it. There is no other solution. And it?s best to do this before too much damage is done. As the old adage says, ?an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure?.

THE GENIUS OF A PLACE is now in post-production and is seeking the support of like-minded individuals and organizations willing to make donations to support the film?s completion and distribution.


Eric Ezechieli?President of The Natural Step, Italy "These filmmakers are creating an important work, beautifully filmed, emotionally touching and of great social significance. They have found a way to speak both gently and persuasively about the critical universal issues of globalization and the effects of unbridled development."

Duilio Peruzzi?Emeritus Professor of Geography "What was a very obvious order of diversity between urban and rural life has become an amalgam of contradictions and confusion. This is true of so many communities around the world. By capturing this on film, THE GENIUS OF A PLACE is doing a great service, helping us all reflect on the benefits and hidden costs of development."
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