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The Firefly Jar

The Firefly Jar
There is something about watching a film that are about people's struggles and overcoming them that is very compelling visually and emotionally.

I brainstormed with some ideas I had that involved the world of a child's imagination and the obstacles that kids face all the time. And for this film I settled on an idea that revolved around the life of a young boy who must learn to deal with the recent passing of his mother.

The story follows the life of James, a young boy whose mother has recently passed. With the devastation that cripples his father James is left to live with his Grandmother Fay in Connecticut. These hard times have also took tole on Fay and she battles to do good for the likes of her grandson.

Being the odd one out has James battling ties with himself until the day he meets a mysterious man who presents him with a magical wishing jar. But when a phone call bearing heart breaking news about James's father comes through one night, James goes to desperate measures to make one final wish to amend the heartbreak once and for all.

When "Firefly Jar" is completed the film will be entered into several film-festivals around the world as well as put onto DVD and Blu-ray disc.

Our goal with this film is to receive a short film nomination for an academy award. You can see more about "Firefly Jar" on our website: www.roadworkpictures.com


For this short I am hoping to raise $8,000. With the donations raised they will help to hire:
- Production Insurance
- Visual effects artist (very important for the final sequence in this film.)
- Cast
- Craft Services (food)
- Transportation
- Lighting Equipment
- Production Designer
- Line Producer
- Sound man
- Grip
- Gaffer
- Composer

Because the film is not entirely dialogue driven, the movie will rely heavily on the composition of the music and will emotionally contribute to many of the scenes in the film.

Thank you for taking your time to review our project.
Gary Fierro

Official Site: http://www.roadworkpictures.com/fireflyjar/&_ffw.html
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