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The Championship Rounds

The Championship Rounds
The Championship Rounds

The Championship Rounds is the story of a young, deaf, African American boxer and single father of a 6 month- old boy whose life is against the ropes on the brink of homelessness. After being stricken with tragedy, James receives an unlikely shot at redemption, and now his very survival is dependent on his faith and his decision to seize the moment.

JAMES DEACON JR, having experienced the tragic death of his girlfriend from childbirth complications, finds himself in one of the most difficult positions of his life. Maintaining a job as a shopkeeper for a small grocery store, James struggles to maintain a living that is enough to pay for a dismal room in a rough neighborhood and properly care for his surviving baby boy. Additionally, being deaf, James realizes he has to work extra hard to simply communicate effectively in a society filled with hearing people.

Having been raised by JAMES DEACON SR., a world champion pugilist in the late 80?s, James was exposed to the sport and the glamour surrounding it at a very young age. Following in his father?s footsteps, James became a very successful three -time Amateur Golden Gloves Champion. After the tragedy involving his girlfriend, James puts the guilt on himself and decides to fully walk away from boxing and dedicate his life completely to his child.

However, a daily encounter with a local boxing gym and a persistent trainer provides James with an urge and opportunity that can?t be ignored. Once the threshold is crossed, James finds himself battling between the memories/demons of past/present and the potential future road to redemption.

The Championship Rounds examines not only the boxing world and delineation between the deaf and hearing communities, but also a true test of self and perseverance as a single father under harsh circumstances.


We are aiming to make this the first movie to have a Deaf African American Male Actor in the Lead Role on the mainstream level. There have been indies, shorts, documentaries etc, but nothing on a studio level with widespread acclaim. Children of a Lesser God and the Miracle Worker are probably the most popular films revolving around deaf characters. Sadly, this is an audience in film that gets highly unnoticed.

The Team
M.D. Walton Writer/Creator/Producer
Derrex Brady Producer
A.K. Murtadha Producer
Sascha Schneider Line Producer
We have a community partnership with the Greater Los Angeles Agency on Deafness Inc. Any donations towards this film helps! A small % of all contributions will go towards the Greater L.A. Agency on Deafness. Visit http://www.thechampionshiprounds.com for more info on the film and the team behind the project.
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