THE WISDOM YEARS. . . Promise of America As the average life span of Americans increases, how we spend our later years becomes more and more important. Improvements in health care have helped seniors remain healthy and independent much longer than in the past, so quality of life issues are moving to the forefront. Senior citizens are no longer relegated to nursing homes and assisted care facilities, and many are enjoying active lives into their 80s and beyond. Scientists have found a direct link between being active and being mentally and physically healthy, in all age groups.

THE WISDOM YEARS. . The Promise of America, begins featuring interviews with renowned Native American elders then spotlights the stories of a variety of other dynamic elders in America who have an unwavering passion for life. The magnitude of their imagination, heart and spirit often far exceed many youth of our time.

The film captures true accounts of fearless seniors, walking away from death beds to pursue dreams, often discovering and pursuing their latent talents after the age of 60, and fearlessly ?breaking through the barriers? of limitations set by; society, traditions, religions and most of all?by themselves. As William Blake said, ?It?s never too late to become who you might have been.? This film serves to remind us to remember to honor our dreams and live the life we wish to live at any age.

Both guest celebrities and extraordinary ?everyday people,? from around the country, share their amazing and entertaining stories. These courageous elders are recognized for their ageless attributes and their dynamic energy. You will discover how the ?golden thread? of individual uniqueness is recognized, embraced and unleashed in their lives.
Producer Audra Kelly of Cowboy?s Sweetheart Films, LLC and her award-winning team bring years of experience to this inspiring and relevant project.

This stand alone special will also serve as a pilot for a series for television and/or the internet.

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