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Suburban Turban - A Coming of Age American story

Suburban Turban - A Coming of Age American story
ABOUT OUR PROJECT Suburban Turban - A Coming of Age American story Queens, New York. Circa 2003. Ravinder (aka Ravi) Singh, an 18-year-old Indian-American youth and TABLA aficionado, attends a jam packed press conference given by a British Spin Master, DJ ALOK, whose fusion album The Mystic is the biggest selling crossover album of the year.
Witnessing this pivotal event, Ravi and his best friend Jamie (aka Wolf), fantasize about winning the national Indo-fusion Spin Championship. The grand prize -- a million dollar recording contract in DJ Alok?s London studios! However, Ravi is trapped between two worlds, two cultures. By day, he plays TABLA at his parents' local temple, and at night he secretly chases his passion -- spinning the turntable at Wolf's garage. After being confronted by his father to follow in his footsteps and wear a turban full-time, Ravi must decide whether to accept the path his father has laid for him, or break free from family traditions to follow his own dreams.
Why this Movie
The inspiration for Suburban Turban came from a vivid memory I had as a child. I witnessed my father's emotional turmoil when he decided to remove his turban and cut off his hair because of the pressures of racism, lack of work etc. I was around 8 years old and it was the first time I ever saw my father cry. When I wrote Suburban Turban because I felt the need to write a bigger story around identity. In a way I was writing about my struggles with my own identity too. Being second generation and living within a tight knit community had its challenges and I literally had to fight for my independence. We're looking to cast real DJ's who're fusing Bhangra, Bollywood, Hindi-pop, Indian Classical, Middle-Eastern, Hip-Hop, Taiwanese Rock, African jazz, Latin fusion etc. This is going to be so exciting... and we're already hearing from DJ's from all over. My indie producing partner, Aman Segal and I, have been in the low-budget trenches many times and we both understand how to get our project to the finish line! Your Impact
We would love to invite you to become a BIGGER part of our filmmaking family whether you are in the US or abroad.
Your support will help us do several things.
-We can pay for our permits and insurances... a must on any set.
-Our DP (Director of Photography) can shoot our movie with a camera he/she wants to use.
-We can have a great sound operator package (something a lot of low budget movies suffer).
-We'll have an experienced make-up artist, so that our lovely actor Anjul Nigam can be aged for his character.
-We can make a movie using SAG (Screen Actors Guild) actors.
- We can pay for some locations that we really need for specific scenes in our movie.
-We can feed our crew decent food and keep folks happy with goodies at the craft service table! during those long hours.
- We can afford extra actors on our set and we will need many.
-We can have a set photographer and finally we can afford to shoot in NYC on location to get some of that Queens authenticity.
When we pull this off, and have completed shooting our movie, we know you will be MORE proud to be a part of Suburban Turban... so, we hope you do get involved. We want you to be part of our family.

What You Get We have some fantastic, interesting, and fun rewards for your pledges. There are so many, so please take your time and check out everything before you pledge. Our rewards range from $3 to $2001.

What is it with this $1 that we tagged on the end of each amount?, you might ask. Well, as Indians we believe it's good luck to have odd numbers so we add a dollar. Go figure. We've also partnered with a charity, Blending Borders, so check it our in our incentives. Some of the rewards we are offering include becoming a Sacrificer! tickets to festival screenings, a visit to our set, lunch with crew, poster and dvd, wrap party invite, walk on part in movie. A special incentive that we are particularly proud of is our "Blending Borders - crayons to India reward". Check it out.

1. PLEDGE $3 OR MORE (The Sacrificers Pledge) Hey guys, we?re calling this pledge the ?Sacrifice Pledge? Can you sacrifice your latte, slurpy, or frozen fruit smoothie for today and instead give to our movie. I can promise you it will be hugely appreciated ? you will be considered one of our ?SACRIFICERS? on our Suburban Turban website? and we?ll thank you forever . We all love our comforts and wouldn?t dream of asking you to give up yours ? except maybe just one dayJ

2. PLEDGE $11 OR MORE You will receive a Special Thanks on our website and a digital postcard of our movie with your name on it.

3. PLEDGE $25 OR MORE Receive one of very cool Suburban Turban T-shirts, and digital download of film based on the date of the release of our movie in your area. (US shipping, please add $8, for Intl please add $12)

4. PLEDGE $41 OR MORE Pledge this amount and you can help a child in India. Blending Borders, a non-for-profit organization committed to help disadvantaged children in India collects half-used, remnants of CRAYONS, melts them down and reproduces the wax to make NEW crayons! For every $31 you pledge, you will be sending ONE HUGE box of crayons to a classroom in India.

5. PLEDGE $51 OR MORE Pledge $51 or more and you?ll receive a cool Suburban Turban T-shirt, DVD of the movie after release, PLUS a website mention. (Canada shipping, please add $8, for Intl please add $10)

6. PLEDGE $101 OR MORE For this, you will get an exclusively signed poster from the film, special thanks on our website, a T-Shirt and DVD. (Canada shipping, please add $8, for Intl please add $10)

7. PLEDGE $201 OR MORE This pledge gets you a 2hr session with filmmakers, Arun Vir and Aman Segal. If you have a project you need to shoot, or get off the ground, or need a consult on social media etc. Pledge this and you will have our undivided attention after we?ve premiered the movie. Skype, or personal meeting? it?s all upto you. Transportation not included in this offer.

8. PLEDGE $251 OR MORE Okay, you are now entering official ?production crew? territory. For this pledge you will receive an invitation to visit the set on a day of our choice and have lunch with the crew. You will of course get a special thanks on our website, and a T-shirt. (Canada shipping, please add $8, for Intl please add $10)

9. PLEDGE $351 OR MORE For this pledge you will get TWO tickets for a theater or festival screening in your area. A photo opp with lead actor and director, special thanks on our website and a T-shirt. (Canada shipping, please add $8, for Intl please add $10)

10. PLEDGE $451 OR MORE For $451 you will get a special invitation to our Los Angeles Cast and Crew party. You?ll get to mingle with actors, crew and our specially invited guests PLUS a signed poster and thank you on our website. Transportation not included in this offer.

11. PLEDGE $501 OR MORE Get our Cast & Crew package, PLUS a SIGNED SKATEBOARD used in the movie by our lead actor. Transportation not included in this offer.

12. PLEDGE $1001 OR MORE Would you like to have a small ?walk on? part in the movie? If you would, pledge this amount and you will get your name put on our CALL SHEET, receive a CALL TIME, and instructions for your walk-on. Transportation is not included in this offer. You will also have a photo opp and receive a signed T-shirt, PLUS the thank you on our website.

13. PLEDGE $2001 OR MORE You are now reaching our ?executive? rewards. Ever dream of having your name in the crawl at the end of a movie? Well, you can now. For $2001, you will be making a huge difference as an AP supporter. For this you will be invited to sit in on a local CASTING session (at director/producer discretion) and will be a credited ASSOCIATE PRODUCER in our end credits. In addition, you will receive a signed poster, T-shirt and thank you on our website?.

14. PLEDGE $5001 OR MORE ?WALK THE RED CARPET? Dress to the nines and strut your stuff on the Red Carpet. For $5001 you will receive TWO tickets to our Red Carpet Movie Premier and Party. Your NAME will be printed in the program as a donor. Transportation not included. With this pledge you also get the Associate Producer package. Now, that?s a deal to remember.

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Thank you so much for your consideration. Arun Vir & the Suburban Turban Team
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