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Step Away From the Stone

Step Away From the Stone
Step Away From The Stone is raising money to market our DVD.

We have a story that is changing people?s lives and we need the word to get out to the public.

Our story is about a Music producer who is addicted to drugs and alcohol and her journey to get her life back. Her family and friends encourage her along the way, but it is a life threatening experience and seeing life from both sides that makes her fight for her future with the help of Spiritual influences along the way.

Here are a few testimonies we have received:

?Step Away from the Stone was so powerful in so many ways, but it was also beautifully simple in that it shows hope all along the way by just friends & family showing love heals and cares. The movie helped me to better see my own brothers actions and why he choose not to step away from the stone for most of his life even after losing not only material & worldly goods but his beautiful family. Our family hasn?t been in contact with him in many years until I saw this movie. I have since been in contact with him and so has other family members, he is trying again to Step away from the Stone. So there is hope, your movie is that message!!!?

?After seeing Step Away From The Stone I know understand that my parents addiction wasn?t my fault.?

?After seeing Step Away From The Stone I knew I needed to get help with my addiction. Thank you for a powerful story.?

These are just a few of the stories I?ve heard. Help us help others.
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