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Sharing Health
I'm Josh Hansbrough, the director of "Sharing Health." The film is about John Basehart who is a Certified Polarity Therapist. Cosmic John, as his friends call him, has been sharing health for over 20 years. This documentary is about John overcoming tragedies in his life to share something we all want, love and health.

Birdman Productions? crew is combining our experience producing surf films, environmental documentaries, and humanitarian films, all into one documentary. As we visit John sharing health with Fijians, the viewer revisits keys moments in his life that made him who he is today. The Chief of 4 islands in Fiji has given John 5 acres of land to start teaching the poor villagers a more holistic approach to health care at his Polarity Center. It?s called ?The Fiji Foothold Project.?

By donating, you are sharing health with people in need, and you are ensuring the film will get produced. Plus, you'll have the satisfaction of knowing that you were able to contribute to a life-long dream for Cosmic John. He always wanted to share the benefits of Polarity with the world, and this film will help him achieve his goal a little faster.

Rewards for donating:
$20 and up: "Good Samaritan" a Big Thank You, You will receive the film signed by Cosmic John, and a certificate of appreciation with a collage of pictures and a personal message from John. $40 and up: "Bright Smile" a Big Thank You, all of the above, and your Name in the credits as a "Bright Smile" in our galaxy. Please give a Smile to someone today and brighten their day, cause you just brightened ours.

$140 and up: "Health Sharer" a Big Thank You, all of the above with your Name and Picture in the credits as a ?Health Sharer? in the finished film, or dedicate your donation to a friend. By donating you are ensuring John can continue his pursuit of sharing health on remote islands like Malolo, Fiji.

$400 and up: "Cosmic Chef" a Big Thank You, all of the above, and Cosmic John?s Cookbook, ?A Spirit of a Chef, Recipe is Love? complete with 55 pages of knowledge and recipes, (includes shipping in the US)
$1000 and up: ?Visionary? A Big Thank You, all of the above and you will receive a 24"x36" poster that?s a collage of pictures from our first trip to build the polarity center in Fiji, (includes shipping wherever your heart desires) You'll also receive 5 Polarity sessions (in Fiji or Hawaii) with John to realign your body and give you optimal energy (travel not included)

$3,000 and up: "Fiji Footholder", A Big Thank You, all of the above, and you'll receive a Full Polarizing, 5 sessions with John to achieve optimal health and a full holistic evaluation (in Fiji or Hawaii) If you choose Fiji, Namotu resort will also give 2 people, 7 nights at their resort during December 2011- February 2012 (air tickets and land transfers not included). This package is worth around $7,500.00 Fijian dollars, over $4,200 value in US dollars. special thanks to Scott O'Connor, owner of Namotu resort http://www.namotuislandfiji.com/ You will also see the first cut of the film. Birdman Productions will call you to discuss what you think of the first draft of the film, brainstorm, and create ways to enhance the film.

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