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?Fashion is an act of faith.?
- Christian Dior, 1947

In the face of economic hardship, creativity is redefines itself.

The world of clothes that SWAP explores articulates the opposing yet collaborative natures evolving as some who strive for simplicity in a world over run by technology embrace it to bring their communities closer to them.

SWAP is a film that follows and speaks to fashion designers, swappers, bloggers and historians about our relationship to clothes and how it expresses our identity and gives us a place in the world.

One of these subjects artist/fashion designer Pascale Gatzen believes that care for fashion is a great dignity and gift to the world. In taking the idea of a ?gift economy? one step further, the intention of the film is to explore the power of style in society to teach a new level of reciprocity.

Less about fashion, this is a film that is more about identity and how we express through dress. In the same way that we have had to renegotiate our relationship to food due to changing economics and ecological consciousness, we also have had to do the same for clothing and how we attain them. This film will also be part visual essay : a history of New York and how the different populations that define the city?s make up come together over this universal theme to inform the world on how to express themselves.

Also, the film will be meditation on the direction our society is evolving in regards to connection.

This opens up a multitude of narratives about relationships nurtured through fashion showing a different side of a subject that stereotypically has only be conveyed as cold and superficial.
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