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Power of Purpose
Susan Smith wants nothing more than to be happy. She lost her dad when she was five years old. She never knew the mother she grew up next to and her relationship with her mother has caused Susan to struggle with life. Craving always craving, never seeing her potential boiling inside leaves her lost, vulnerable and numb.

Avery Barrows a wealthy young sociopath is amused by Susan and excited at the potential level of abuse that he may inflict on her. A few kind words blind Susan of his despicable intentions and she is unwittingly off to an excursion of sexual deviance and mental abuse.
Angello Purpose, grounds keeper, wonderful friend and neighbor of Susan?s, helps to guide her. Ultimately his role in her life has been predetermined since before her birth.

Susan?s only means of happiness are memories. Her dad Walter inspired Susan to explore and to never be afraid of life, but these goals lay dormant in her soul.

Clair Smith, Susan?s mother placed only demands on her life, never guidance. As Susan got older the constant pressure from her extended family to find a man is only exacerbated by her mother?s teachings to fear men.

Always craving, Susan never sees the truth. Believing Avery to be her future, Susan is once again disappointed and hurt. Avery rapes, impregnates and finally extinguishes her diminished spirit.

Beaten and withered, her soul is now blinded. Alone in her apartment, Susan drags herself and the sheet from her bed to hang herself. Perversely at ease Susan is ready to leave life behind.

Susan?s body swings from the makeshift noose, within seconds of her own demise, strength emerges within. Falling, falling into the abyss, her body hits the floor motionless.

The pounding noise startles neighbor and friend Angello Purpose. Rushing to Susan; Angello comforts her and imparts tales to Susan?s broken soul of woman who weren?t so fortunate to have a breath left in their dying bodies.

Horror and excruciating pain passes through Susan?s veins of existence as she lives through the deaths of these women. She lives through every second, every thought, and all of the excruciating pain. Susan now knows what it means to die. Pulled back to reality through the haze of the other women?s deaths by suicide, Susan?s anguish and happiness are now on equal ground.
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