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Plant A Wish
The Plant a Wish project is a feature documentary that follows a Hawaii couple(Sara Tekula & Joseph Imhoff) on a road trip across America, visiting all 50 states and planting indigenous trees with communities in each state. The film chronicles their adventure, examines the human-land connection, highlights America's rural and urban neighborhoods, features leaders studying the importance of biodiversity and green spaces in our towns, and ultimately inspires each viewer to take part in the empowering act of planting native trees in their own neighborhoods with their own hands.

In May 2011, the filmmakers finished their second phase of production, now having been to 41 states, planting native trees (and wishes) in each one with a diverse array of communities across America . They?ve raised over $16,000 using word-of-mouth crowd funding and were able to make a positive impact ? bringing together hundreds of people. They were featured on Discovery?s PlanetGreen website, TreeHugger.com, Honolulu Magazine, partnered with American Forests, created shade for a brand-new outdoor classroom in Michigan and even inspired the creation of a community park in Iowa.

As of August 2011, Sara and Joe were preparing to take their third and final tour across the Northern Great Plains and Pacific Northwest, planting native trees in the only states that remain: North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, Alaska. This final tour - scheduled for September 2011 - will bring Sara and Joe to the completion their dream of planting trees in every state of America, celebrated with a grand finale tree planting in their home state of Hawaii.

In order to complete their goal, Sara and Joe need to raise $8,500, 25% of which has already been raised. Please consider giving to this project to complete this journey and bring this film one giant step closer to completion.

The Plant a Wish film, once complete, will screen in all 50 states - uniting all participating organizations and communities in this unprecedented tree-planting outreach effort. For more information about Plant a Wish, visit www.plantawish.org. To follow the filmmakers on their journey, visit www.facebook.com/plantawish and www.twitter.com/plantawish
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