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On Your Mark, Get Set MOW!

On Your Mark, Get Set MOW!
Can the sport of lawn mower racing save lives?

On Your Mark, Get Set, MOW! Is a documentary film which will show how the sport of lawn mower racing is on the ?cutting edge? in the battle against Huntington's disease. Every year in Sparta, MI the Mikula family who have lost six members to the disease host a United States Lawn Mower Racing Association (USLMRA) national points race to raise awareness of the disease and money for the Huntington's Disease Society of America (HDSA). The entire lawn mower racing community as well as businesses and media from Western Michigan rally around the Mikula family each year for the fundraising race. Huntington's disease is a hereditary neurodegenerative disorder which 200,000 Americans are at risk for. Part of the film explores the Huntington's Disease Parity Act of 2009 (HR 678) and how it will help those suffering from the terminal disease if passed and made into law.

Dubbed the ?Poor man's NASCAR? lawn mower racing has offered an opportunity for middle class motor sports enthusiasts to participate in accessible and affordable racing. While people can get involved in the sport for a few hundred dollars the top racers chasing the national championship often spend thousands on their ?mowchines?. Although the racers come from a wide range of socioeconomic backgrounds they all share the ability to tweak small engines for maximum performance sometimes achieving speeds of over 50 MPH during a race. The races are held at locations throughout rural America offering racers the opportunity to compete locally or at the national level sometimes involving driving times of up to twenty hours to get to a race. There are no cash prizes in organized lawn mower racing, instead the racers compete for plastic trophies and bragging rights. Many times gate receipts from the races are donated to local charities. The charities range from volunteer fire houses to efforts to find cures for debilitating diseases which have affected the racer's lives in one way or another.

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