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Mirrored Images is a true story of three foster girls who are about to turn 18. In the world of foster care, this means they will be on their own without financial or emotional support from either their own family nor the foster care system. The film features Precious, Craishawn and Shaila, three foster girls who dare to dream of creating a life different from the one they have known. Through fly-on-the-wall style filmmaking, the viewer becomes a part of their world and embarks on an emotional journey with them as they sign on for an intensive, potentially life-changing camp at Pepperdine University. These three foster girls find the courage to hope for something different for themselves and reach for a future that breaks out of the cycle of negligence and abuse that they have known.

And when they reach for this new life, Hershe is there to receive them. HerShe is a nonprofit organization that offers a direct sense of family and support, which the girls experience for the first time in their lives. The film takes the viewer through their tumultuous two weeks at Camp Cinderella. All three girls experience dramatic transformations when they are offered the support of a caring and understanding community of peers and mentors as well as tools to unlock their inner strength and esteem. Before the cameras lens the girls begin the process of reinvention.

They find that the camp experience, though, is not an easy one. The camp greets them with tremendous challenges as well as support. On the second day of camp, Craishawn nearly gets thrown off campus when she goes head to head with a group of cheerleaders also at Pepperdine for a summer camp. Through the guidance of camp counselors, she learns that her assumption that they spoke to her out of racism shows more about how she perceives herself than what their intentions were. We learn in the opening ?toilet paper? ceremony, that her mother has beaten Shaila just the day before coming to camp. Shaila projects this same sense of betrayal onto the other girls at camp and out of her sense of alienation from the group, pronounces that they are ganging up on her. When they confront her in a ?Community Meeting?, she almost runs away from camp. Somehow she decides to stick it out and finds her feelings of sisterhood to the other HerShe girls rekindled when they encourage her to successfully climb a 50-foot pole. She realizes that if she lets them in, they will indeed be there for her. Precious has the opportunity to meet a former foster child who has become a successful movie actor. Through this encounter, she learns that she too has the power to own her own dreams.

To these girls, HerShe?s Camp Cinderella offers a new hope and guidance to find a road to recovery. They learn to piece together the broken mirror that reflects each and every one of us.
Ultimately, the film also challenges its audience to take ownership of their own lives as they watch these girls blossom into self realized women who come to have a unique understanding of themselves and belief in their right to a better future.

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