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Leadership from Within
?Leadership from Within? is an apolitical media project designed to provoke thought and inspire personal and collective empowerment by interviewing ordinary/extraordinary people on what leadership means to them in their daily lives. The format is a three-part web series of shorts and a 30-minute Compilation Documentary.

Beginning with the premise that each and every one of us is a leader in our own unique way, Leadership From Within is designed to begin a national conversation that breaks down boundaries of traditional thinking about leadership and generates in viewers new ways of thinking about what could emerge. This media project aims to 1) broaden peoples? ideas and perspectives about leadership; 2) focus people inwardly on their own leadership; 3) plant seeds to ?be the change we want to see in the world? (Gandhi).

The value of stimulating a deeper, broader conversation about leadership during 2012 and in the years to come cannot be overestimated. This highly thought-provoking project has already started planting seeds which will grow over time and show up in unexpected and compelling ways, effecting the positive change brought about by a grassroots mind shift.

The 2012 election year timing of the project demands that the project is financed, produced and distributed quickly and efficiently. We thank you for your generous tax deductible contribution made now to bring these films into fruition. If you would like to contact us about the project or for larger donations, you will find our contact information at www.LeadershipFromWithin-themovie.org.

Levels of Support:

Receive Tax Deduction
Your Name listed on the film?s website Contributors Page
Receive the Film Poster

Receive above plus Link to your Website or Facebook

Receive above plus ?Who You Are? - Personal Statement or Company logo/tagline on Website

Receive above plus Your Name on Rolling Credits at the end of the Film

Receive above with Shared Full Screen Co-Executive Producer Credit

Receive above with Shared Screen Executive Producer Credit

Receive above with Single Screen Executive Producer Credit
Plus three people of your choice will be interviewed and receive a copy of their interview

VISIONARY $100,000+
Receive above with Single Screen Executive Producer Credit
Plus Film DEDICATION to someone/something you love

?I first came to know Susan Slotter through her remarkable photography and the vision she had for her SoulScapes body of work. Not only does Susan possess a unique creative eye that weaves together a rich tapestry of natural images from the visual elements in our lives? she also possesses a rare gift and insight into the unseen currents that run through our culture and our broader human experience as evidenced by the important vision behind this project.?

ROBERT O?CONNOR, Independent Film Producer and Former Film Production Executive for CBS Entertainment, Guber Peters Entertainment, Elysian Films, Osiris Films and RKO Pictures

?Susan's creativity, passion, optimism, eye for beauty, and diligence make her an exceptional filmmaker. And she is a delight to work with!"
ERIN HUDSON, Documentary Filmmaker and Founder of Rotation Films

?Susan Slotter is a visionary filmmaker with an artistic eye that stems from her many years as an artist and a photographer. Truly, she is brilliant at making ideas shine brightly on the screen. I have known her for several years now and her works never cease to amaze and delight me.?

GENE MEDEROS, Chair, New Mexico Film Resource; Post Production Supervisor, Santa Fe Community College

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