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Getting Even

Getting Even
From Writer/Producer/Director of the 7 year running Off-Broadway Play The Newlyweds Beverly Orozco, & starring NY Knick Kenyon Martin, Brian White, Clifton Powell, former emcee Sole, BET The Game Co-Star Tae Heckard, Latina Actress Jessica Caban, the Princess of Off-Broadway Shawnette Hamilton & D/P Anthony B Richmond who is best known for such films like Legally Blonde, Dumb & Dumber:When Harry Met Lloyd & Big Momma's Like Father, Like Son, comes the romantic comedy "Getting Even".

This hip and hilarious flick gives a revealing look at the highs and lows of celebrity relationships for three best friends who find themselves being dumped by their high profile celebrity boyfriends in a matter of days apart. With their beauty, smarts, and charming personalities the trio can't help but attract NYC's finest. But, when they each get the boot from their boyfriends they find themselves homeless, broke, jobless, and making a quick U-turn back to middle class society.

What is an ex-girlfriend to do? What is an ex-girlfriend entitled to?

Well pay close attention as these three friends put their pretty little heads to work and take advantage of their exes shortcomings as the war of the sexes begins. Maritza Mendoza, a talented high-spirited television writer with a major deal in the works; Phillipian Owens, New York's former top advertising executive; and Carmen Boti, a dental assistant who has just received her license are all content with "Men first careers later"! Until their relationship clocks are up.

"Bad things come in three's" yells Maritza

Insinuates that Carmen is next to get the boot after Philippian?s proposal didn?t go quite as planned. She's right! Fortunately, their luck takes an unexpected twist when they go to Atlanta's Diva "Wanda Richards" for advice. Richards who is older, wiser, and six rich ex-husbands deep is more than happy to assist these three step by step on how to get even with their exes while maintaining the lifestyles that they have become accustomed to. In a hilarious turn of events the girls manage to gain their own homes, cars, bank accounts and become overnight sensations in their careers while having the satisfaction of making their exes pay, literally. Maritza, Carmen and Philly have made beds for their exes that no one would want to lie in and now the heat is on!
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