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Fight For The Children

Fight For The Children

I am writing to propose a solution to an ongoing problem in low income areas nationwide regarding runaways orphans abused and missing children. By educating the public on child safety awareness and prevention in low-income areas for children which will bring donations to fund organizations that provide Direct Help to children. The purpose is to fund small organizations that provide Direct Help to children. Every nonprofit organization must have a carefully developed structure and operating procedures in order to be effective in fulfilling its purpose as I further intend to start and fund groups and crisis organizations to help search for these children in time of need. Something that is not available in low- income areas. The purpose is to work towards eliminating alarming high statistics of Missing Children, Child Abused and Neglect, Drug Addicted Teens, and Orphans waiting to be adopting. It is never said that many of these high statistic involve children in low income areas.

The Problem

Currently, there are many organizations for children in which none seems to be hitting the core. The root of the problem starts in our own communities in low ? income areas nationwide. There are not enough organizations forcing effective campaigns, spreading awareness, and who educates the child and parents on prevention. In fact many parents who show interest get their info from the county government. Abused & neglect of children in the U.S. has increased 134% . Physical Abuse has increased 84% , Sexual Abuse has increased 350%, Emotional Abuse has increased 333% , Child Neglect Abuse has increased 320 % . More than 10, 000 American children have died at the hands of their own parents or caretakers. . Four children die every day in this country from child abuse and neglect .Over 3 million children were reported as abused or neglected in the United States. Despite this alarming statistic the federal government invested only $ 10 in prevention research for every case reported. Many of these children or in our own low-income communities nationwide.

These statistics do not include the 800.000 children who go missing annually, it does not include the 1.6 million Runaways who are drug addicted annually. 70 percent of the 73.2 million children under age 18 lived with two parents, 26 percent lived with one parent, and the remaining 4 percent Orphans lived with no parents. What makes my organization different is that I will form other resources that or within reach and that will bring about interest which will bring on change. In these low income areas nationwide people want programs that work. Programs that are effective in which information on child safety and prevention is clearly set before them in ways in which they can understand. Programs such as after school activities.. Programs in schools that are important to these children are being shut down. Safe houses, shelters and missions are closing their doors due to a lack of funds to keep them operating. This is causing children to flee to the streets. Its causing the pedophiles and sex offenders to reach out more and more to the child?s availability. Many parents in low income areas are not aware of online resources or the fact that they are able to research pedohiles and sex offenders in their areas. Many families do not own computers.

Other problems include a lack of dedication in educating children and parents on what to do if there child is missing. How to keep their children safe. Sexual exploitation, sex offenders, Low income families depend on media outlets to inform them of what is happening in their areas in which the information needed is least given regarding safety preventions and guidelines for children who become missing, abducted, or runaways and children in local orphanages. This is a serious problem due to the public not being informed of direct danger in the areas in which they live.

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