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Dancing Salmon Home
Thank you for your donation!
Every dollar you contribute brings this important project one step closer to completion, and presentation to viewers around the world. With your help, we will create a 60 minute documentary which will gain national and international distribution in festivals, broadcast, cable and online venues.
While many elements of this project are being accomplished at little or no cost, there are inevitable expenses in a project of this scope. Here are some of the things that your contribution will help fund:
$20 ? 2 videotapes
$40 ? Rental of a wireless microphone for one day
$80 ? One hour of editing
$140 ? Lodging and meals for one crewmember for one day
$600 ? Audio Recordist for one day
$1200 ? Cinematographer and Camera for one day

Again, thank you. Your support is instrumental in sharing this important story of cultural survival and reconnection with lost relations, with its timely challenge to reconsider our personal and societal priorities.

Program Overview
This project gives voice to a Native American tribe in North America, whose members are holding on to the old ways of honoring and protecting their sacred places, and holding ceremony for the Water, Mother Earth, and all living things.

Program Description
The members of the Winnemem Wintu tribe of northern California have not forgotten that when the Creator brought their ancestors into the world through a spring on Mt. Shasta, it was Salmon who gave Human a voice. Now, 28 tribal members travel to New Zealand, where they will meet their Chinook salmon relatives for the first time in generations.
In 1945, the Shasta Dam ended the salmon run up the McCloud. But a hatchery on that river sent eggs around the world in the late 1800's, so the Winnemem's salmon now thrive in New Zealand. The tiny Winnemem tribe, which has survived and maintained their traditions despite numerous challenges, now has forged a lasting bond with the Maori people, has held four days of ceremony on the Rakaia River, and is making plans to bring their salmon home.

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