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Circus Centric is a globally accessible behind the scenes look at contemporary circus culture. Your donations make it possible for us to create this documentary turned digital art performance piece, a live action storyboard on the process of becoming a circus performer and tuning into the creative sphere of underground culture. From festival to city square, cabaret to ocean shore, Circus Centric is documenting a new age circus lifestyle, highlighting the network of nomadic international performers across Asia, Europe, and North America. This is NOT the corporate sponsored three ring circus under a Big Top. We are profiling street corner clowns juggling in Barcelona, teaching acro-yoga on the beach in Bali, and pioneering the neo-burlesque movement in London. Join us on this adventure as we fulfill childhood dreams of running away with the circus and present the surreality of what this grit and glitter lifestyle entails.

Our aim is to forgo conventional storytelling by taking the audience on a circus freak safari, deconstructing conflicting societal norms for the sake of communal creativity, and creating space for fresh perspectives on the evolution of performance art as the heart beat of our culture.

Our idea is to tell this story chronologically, using powerful images of human bodies in peak physical performance against dynamic backdrops, incorporating graphics and animation to create a sense of magic mixed with side show illusion. We will document and demonstrate the rigor, skill, and dedication required to exist as a nomadic performer, contrasting this sensible structure with the raw experience of life on the road. Presenting commentary on social norms from an existing alternative, allowing these ideas to percolate with the potential for excessive behavior among the clowns of the underground.

The lifestyle of the traveling circus street performer defines trends years before they reach the mainstream. This counter cultural movement expresses the ethos and dreams of a growing, transient population of creators, acting as a commentary on how social constructs need not dictate nor repress an individual's creative expression. We are documenting a social manifestation of zeitgeist. Our intention is that this documentary bridge the gap between a dynamic fringe culture of producers and the mainstream culture of consumers to foster understanding and share inspiration. Let's open the space for clear communication of ideas!

The concepts at the base of this documentary are universal: Art is not a spectator sport, and wherever we go (as individuals, as communities, as a global society) we are creating art. This is a journey of creativity, a visually kaleidoscopic exploration of how each of us makes magic when we follow our distinct paths towards the similar goal of self expression.

This will be the first film of it's kind, focusing on the transient aspect of Circus Culture as told by the individual artists. We are presenting the audience with a window into the undercurrent of the Circus world and the network we as performers create as a metaphor and model for what our transitioning global community can become. Who we meet and how we create will become a framework of inspiration for any and all to follow, not only as circus performers, but as active participants in actualizing our dreams.

Thank you for your support in co-creating this reality! Every donor will receive our eternal gratitude and the opportunity to become a part of our Thank You Manifest Station.
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