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Children of the Wind  Donations
Children of the Wind tells the story of young children from the island of Bonaire who journey from humble beginnings to international fame through the sport of windsurfing, transforming not only their island but the face of the sport worldwide. At their first international competition, in Merritt Island Florida 2001--the biggest in North America--the Bonaire children brought home twenty awards. This was an unprecedented achievement for any country, much less a tiny island in the Caribbean. The shocking news aired on CNN and received major international attention. What many didn't realize, however, was the fifteen year struggle endured by their mentor Elvis Martinus leading up to that competition, and the humble backgrounds from which these children came: take for example the Baletin brothers who were both orphans on the island; or young Tonky and Taty Frans who had left their unstable home with their cousin Kiri Thode to live with their grandparents and learned to sail on broken thrown-away equipment. The Frans brothers and Kiri are now among the top 6 freestyle windsurfers in the world. Since 2001, this small island of 13,000 people has dominated the professional rankings in freestyle competing against the best from over 40 major countries. More remarkable: Bonaire continues to produce world champions in every age category of the ProKids competitions. It is the "miracle of the Bonaire kids" as one American professional windsurfer put it.

Yet ?Children of the Wind? is not just a windsurfing story, it is a human story. Windsurfing is the powerful metaphor but it is the example of passion and determination that these kids so powerfully provide that will be at the heart of the story. Our documentary will follow the Bonaire children from their modest beginnings to the cover of magazines and what they learned in the process; how they took their fame and returned it back to the local people with humility and pride. This is a story of how powerful change can come from children willing and strong enough to push beyond the perceived limits of their circumstance, offer new hope to their community, and through example, inspire us all.


"Anyone who loves sports will be blown away by this inspiring story of determination and passion." -Roger Goodell, Commissioner of the NFL
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