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By Us The Sustainable Documentary

By Us The Sustainable Documentary
?By Us,? sprang from every article and conversation uttered about the US economy. Rampant outsourcing and spiraling unemployment put ?doomsday? on everyone?s lips. Yet someone was keeping the economy afloat. It certainly wasn?t the companies responsible for the outsourcing and layoffs. So, who?

With Margaret Mead?s saying, ?Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world,? spinning in our brains, we set out with our cameras to unearth the people who were silently manning the economic lifeboats.

We met people and businesses we had never seen, never heard of, in towns we had never been to, all with a common mindset, ?we are the solution to our problems.? Held together by belief in themselves, the US workforce, and the gut instinct they could create and sustain vibrant economies in their communities and their country, they firmly believe everyone deserves a chance to thrive.

Meet the gutsy individuals that have taken it upon themselves to say ?no? to outsourcing, while creating jobs and products in their towns. In so doing, they join the family of small businesses employing 68% of the US workforce.

As economist and author Michael Shuman has said,

?If small businesses disappear, the US economy collapses.?

They are our life rafts.

Knowing Americans penchant for travel, ?By Us? provides our viewers with the ultimate road trip ? no gas, lodging or TSA screening required.

With a sense of humor and a keen eye toward ingenuity, ?By Us? reveals the ultimate ?do it yourselfers.?

It?s time to meet our neighbors - America?s economic heroes.

"By Us, The Sustainable Documentary" is being developed simultaneously as both a feature film and television series as Artists Confederacy quickly realized there were far more companies than would fit into 90 minutes. As their work goes on, so do we! 
Join the road trip!
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